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Typically, Straighter Teeth Indicate Healthier Teeth.

Oct 12

Orthodontic treatment is typically received to enhance smiles, but additional advantages exist. For example, having teeth that aren't precisely straight is common. In addition, if we haven't already received orthodontic treatment, most of us might spot a few minor imperfections in the alignment of our teeth.

Where we might have accepted this, the variety of teeth-straightening procedures now available and the awareness of the impact a beautiful smile can have led to an increase in the number of people scheduling appointments with the orthodontist at our dental office in Rock Hill, South Carolina.

There is no denying that straighter teeth will result in a more appealing grin. People will undoubtedly notice these problems, whether there is widespread tooth crookedness or just a few front teeth that are visible and overlap. When your teeth are straightened, you may feel much more confident about your smile and yourself.

The results of this increasingly well-liked procedure can be more than just a beautiful smile. The truth is that straighter teeth are more likely to have healthy teeth. Our dental experts in Rock Hill, South Carolina, explain why this is the case.

Easy to Clean

Straighter teeth are often healthier for various reasons, but perhaps the most obvious is that they are much simpler to maintain, especially at home. The reality is that food particles and bacteria have numerous locations to become stuck because of how uneven, crowded, and overlapping the teeth are. These spaces can be reasonably tiny, making it exceedingly challenging for dental floss or toothbrush bristles to reach inside and remove the debris. Not only is food less likely to become lodged between your teeth after having them straightened by our dentists, but cleaning your teeth will also be much more straightforward.

In addition to improving the health of your teeth by making them easier to clean, straightening your teeth will also improve how effectively your gums are kept clean. This is an advantage that is well worth having because, as you are probably aware from reading some of our earlier posts, gum disease can be highly damaging and even cause tooth loss in some cases.

"Domino Effect"

Crooked teeth can alter more than just your appearance; they can also have an enduring impact. For example, once a tooth moves, the space it leaves behind causes the tooth next to it to become free to move. Previously, the tooth next to it would have been stopped from moving because another tooth was in the way. So as one tooth shifts, the one next to it might also shift, creating a potential domino effect that might cause several of our teeth to become misaligned and uneven, potentially ruining our smile.

Irregular Wear and Stress

Our teeth should obliquely meet the corresponding tooth. This is how they should be, but if one of the teeth shifts, they may no longer meet on the biting surfaces but rather at a different location on the tooth where the enamel is thinner and less durable. As a result, the enamel may become damaged, increasing the risk of tooth decay and excessive sensitivity.

Speech Difficulties

Some persons may have speech problems due to certain tooth irregularities, like protruding teeth. This is not always the case, but if it does, it is worthwhile to schedule a consultation at our Ipswich dentist's office to see whether uneven teeth or other correctable oral problems are to blame.

Putting the issue to rest

The only effective method for straightening teeth is by using orthodontic therapy. Unfortunately, this approach turns off some people, presumably because they have recollections of their younger selves wearing very obvious braces. Today, however, a wide range of orthodontic devices are available that are created to not only correctly straighten your teeth but to do so more covertly as well.


There are techniques for more significant corrections and smaller, primarily aesthetic modifications, such as the Quick Straight Teeth System. One of their most well-known, Invisalign, employs a series of removable trays for better dental health and eating convenience rather than traditional wiring.

Here at River District Smiles Dentistry, we are proud to offer a wide range of options for those patients interested in orthodontic therapy. Don't hesitate to get in touch with our office to schedule an appointment to learn more about what we can do for you. In addition, we would be happy to address any questions or concerns you might have.