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Dental Implants Middletown Township, NJ

Jun 12

Are you at the edge of dealing with messy adhesives and slippage that results from dentures in Middletown Township, NJ? Do you find yourself afraid to smile because of one or more missing teeth? No matter what describes you, Rockwell Dentistry has you covered with custom dental implants in Middletown. Our dental implants will be a perfect solution if you:

  • Missing one or more natural teeth
  • Suffering from a severely cracked tooth
  • Have a loose-fitting denture
  • Experiencing bone loss in the jaw area
  • Have a sunken-in look facial appearance

Our dental implants are an effective and proven technique to restore your teeth and give you the smile of your dreams. The most notable things about our custom dental implants in Middletown include:

They are Versatile

Some teeth replacement procedures are limited in terms of the teeth they can replace. That means you might not be an ideal candidate depending on the number of teeth you’ve lost. Fortunately, our custom Dental Implants Middletown is versatile. We can fit them with a crown to replace one tooth or complete dentures to replace more missing teeth. Our Middletown dentist will work with you to design the proper treatment for you.

They are Comfortable

Unlike traditional dentures, dental implants ensure your denture is locked firmly in place. They eliminate the discomfort that comes with loose dentures and the need to struggle with messy adhesives. We embed the Dental Implants Middletown directly into your jawbone in a way that stimulates the tooth’s root for optimal support. They provide added stability, making them feel like natural teeth.

They Resemble Your Natural Teeth

Rockwell Dentistry invests in advanced technology and cutting-edge equipment to ensure patients receive only the best services. We can design your Dental Implants Middletown to perfectly blend in with your natural teeth. Your smile will look as great as it feels, and nobody will notice the difference between your natural and prosthetic teeth.

The Improve Your Oral Health

 The Dental Implants Middletown procedure might seem invasive and intimidating, but we use sedation to make it as painless as possible. In addition, it’s a more conservative way to replace missing teeth. That’s because they do not impact the existing teeth; instead, they provide support and prevent jawbone loss. Our dental implants are also low-maintenance, and with an excellent oral hygiene routine, they can last for years to come. You can visit us routinely for cleaning under the implants to keep your gums healthy.

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